July 14, 2018


Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.


Family ministry is the church and the family partnering together to help lead children and students to follow Jesus.

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  • 4115 Hines Chapel Rd, McLeansville, NC

Family Ministry

Spiritual Formation is one of the 7 core values at New Bessemer Baptist Church – in part it says this:

We're people who journey to be more like Jesus. We respect the notion that we are at different places along the way and celebrate the fact each of us has chosen the same path. Our path is one of experiencing God in His fullness, of learning to be Christ-like and then applying what we have learned in love.

We are spiritually formed when we grow up into our true selves and discover our full potential through the example of Jesus and the work of the Spirit. If our human vocation is to enjoy relationship (with God and others) and live with purpose (helping to curate the world around us), spiritual formation is the reclamation of and maturing in this vocation.

Put simply, we are spiritually formed when we grow as Christians. New Bessemer Baptist Church exists to help us grow as God reclaims and renews us by his Spirit in everyday life.



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